Tibetan Medicine System

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    Tibetan Medicine System

    Schools and Training

    Training and education have always been a central interest throughout history of Tibetan Medicine and Buddhism and are influenced by the Buddhist tradition. They were first mainly given by elders or scholar physicians who freely trained young people on the Buddhist basis of ethic and moral responsibility to save one's own and others’ life. Therefore physicians have gained respect in the Tibetan society.

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    Tibetan Medicine System

    Tibetan Medicine History

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    Tibetan Medicine System

    Buddhism and Medicine

    The body of Sowa Rigpa is the Gyüzhi and its soul is Buddhism. Therefore, it is important to know about the relationship between medicine and the Dharma.

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    Tibetan Medicine System

    Tibetan Medicine in the West

    Through a set of several articles, TME has decided to examine the situation of Tibetan Medicine in the western world through different angles: medication, practice, teachings and transmission.

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    Tibetan Medicine System

    Some Famous Tibetan Doctors

    Some Tibetan doctors have particularly marked the recent history of Tibetan medicine. More portraits of famous doctors will follow soon.