Tsalung Healing Practice

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    Tsalung Healing Practice

    The Vajra Body

    ‘Vajra body‘ is a term used in Buddhist Tantra and Yoga. Through spiritual practice, the ordinary body may be transmuted into the state of a pure body, the vajra body, which is also called Dorje-lus, ‘indestructible body‘ because it will not die or decompose forever. This term is also used in the context of a sadhana practice as a relative vajra body.

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    Tsalung Healing Practice

    Tsalung healing Workshops

    The spring season of 2019 was particularly busy with two Tsalung healing therapy practice workshops level 1 that took place in March and April. They were held in Jaun, in the pure atmosphere and beautiful environment of the Swiss mountains.

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    Tsalung Healing Practice

    Is the world ready for Tsalung healing?

    The practice of Tsalung, as well as its attendant Tsalung healing, have for the most part managed to remain secret, restricted only to high level tantric practitioners. However the public gaze is shifting as more is being learnt about the potential health benefits of Tsalung healing and its general applications. Is the world ready to accept Tsalung healing as a healing modality?

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    Tsalung Healing Practice

    Interview on Tsalung healing

    After many years of requests from his students, Dr Pasang Yonten Arya has finally accepted that there is a need to open the door to Tsalung healing practice. Dr Pasang Yonten Arya has now acceded to requests to open this healing therapy to a wider community of interested persons, by making teachings available in the form of a 3 year course.

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    Tsalung Healing Practice

    A Tsalung healing experience

    I had been waiting for a long time to participate in this new Tsalung healing practice workshop given by Dr. Pasang Y. Arya. The trip and arrival of the whole group in the small town that hosted us went very well, as well as the introduction to the workshop taking place in a now familiar environment, surrounded by a warm and serene energy.