The Tibetan Medicine


From birth, all human beings and animals are ruled by the three mental poisons and humors. When the balance between the humors is maintained by right diet, behavior and psychology and climate, the body remains healthy, or in a state of what Tibetan Medicine calls: Thamel-neme (thamel-nedmed). If the humors are vitiated and disturbed by the wrong factors, their energy can decrease or over accumulate leading to imbalance and subsequently to disease.

  • person with disorders holding his head


    Disturbed Wind

    A grasp of the three humors: wind, bile, and phlegm, (tib. rlung, mkhrispa and badken), and their relationship to the development and functioning of the body-mind, underlies any understanding of Tibetan medicine. Good health which also includes mental and emotional wellbeing, depends on their balance, and because each person is different, the point of humoral balance varies from person to person. In western societies, the balancing of rlung has been problematic, with the modern high performance, furious paced lifestyle proving fertile spawning ground for numerous rlung disorders, many conveniently labelled “stress related”.

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    Spring is here, hay fever sufferers beware!

    Springtime is a wondrous, time of the year. It is indeed a glorious season of rebirth, but for the many sufferers of springtime hay fever, the first signs of warming also bring a sense of dread at the prospect of uncomfortable months ahead.

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    Headaches have a major impact both on the individual sufferer as well as on society.  Headaches are painful and often disabling, with  headache sufferers often living in fear of the next headache, experiencing  a decreased  quality of life,  while economically also suffering from the cost of doctors’ visits, pain medicines and lost wages due to time away from work. There have been efforts in recent years to quantify the economic burdens relative to headaches.  

  • Tibetan Medicine and the Coronavirus


    Tibetan Medicine and the Coronavirus

    On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, as its growing presence was being felt in more and more countries worldwide. Dr Pasang Yonten Arya answers questions that offer an intriguing view of viruses in Tibetan medicine, and what we may expect in the future.