Dream and Bardo

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    Dream and Bardo

    Tibetan Dream practice

    The analysis of dreams and their interpretation have been used in Tibet since ancient time. Tibetan Bon faith healers used dreams to read the relationship between the spirits and humans, and diagnose diseases.

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    Dream and Bardo

    The importance of dreams in Tibetan Medicine

    DREAM. Such a small word, and yet so worthy of attention. Throughout the world, whether in the East, the West, or elsewhere, people have always wondered about dreams; what they are made of, and what they represent – visions, premonitions, superstitions, revelations, images of the past lives. What is their meaning, how do they work? Why do people actually dream?

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    Dream and Bardo

    Dream interpretation and practice

    The Tibetan dream interpretation is particular. It is mixed with cultural beliefs, which is a background of the psychology, and is firmly influenced by Buddhist philosophy of mind and phenomena.

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    Dream and Bardo

    Dream Yoga – Part 1

    Generally dream is an interesting subject in both East and West. People try to interpret them in different ways, some through superstitions and some others try to read the dreams in a psychological way. Therefore dreams are found to be positive in one culture and negative in another.

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    Dream and Bardo

    Dream Yoga – Part 2

    Disease dream or obstacles may appear at any time, but the Gyud-shi (rgyud bzhi), the Four medical Tantras specifically mentions two times: after mid night and in early morning.

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    Dream and Bardo

    Bardo, Death and Dying

    Bardo refers here to the mind in the intermediate state after death or when the consciousness is separated from the previous body. It is the state between the past life and the next coming life. The mind born in Bardo gets a mental dream-like body, which can leave and reach anyplace any time without any obstacles.