Tibetan Medicine System

Tibetan Medicine in the West

Through a set of several articles, TME has decided to examine the situation of Tibetan Medicine in the western world through different angles: medication, practice, teachings and transmission.

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    Tibetan Medicine in the West

    Tibetan Medicine development in the West

    The first European to approach Tibetan Medicine was probably Csoma de Koros (1790-1842), a Hungarian philologist who sought to learn the origin of his own people and to do so, went to Tibet. Based in Ladakh, he compiled the “Tibetan-English Dictionary and Grammar” which was published in Calcutta in 1834.

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    Tibetan Medicine in the West

    Perception and Transition in the West

    On May 2014, in Bad Nauheim, the German Medical Association of Acupuncture (DAEGfA) presented the 2014 Gerhard-Bachmann Prize to its Honorary President Dr. Walburg Maric-Oehler. On this occasion, Ms. Sonja Maric’ Oehler interviewed Tibetan Doctor Pasang Y. Arya, who has collaborated with DAEGfA for more than 20 years in there to the Tibetan medicine education program for German Doctors.

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    Tibetan Medicine in the West

    Tibetan Medicine medication

    Padma inc., a Swiss company, is the sole European manufacturer of herbal medicinal products and food supplements based on Tibetan formulae. For more than forty years, it has produced them according to the western quality standards. It has thus seemed interesting to interview its director, Dr Herbert Schwabl, who kindly answered our questions.

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    Tibetan Medicine in the West

    Point of view of a Tibetan doctor

    This article on the situation of Tibetan Medicine in the western world, especially focuses on its practice aspect. We have then given voice to a Tibetan doctor, Amchi Lobsang Tsultrim who lives in the Netherlands, and who shares with us his experience of the new challenges Tibetan doctors have to face in the West, and how Tibetan Medicine is finding its place amongst the other medical systems.

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    Tibetan Medicine in the West

    Thoughts of Western practictioners

    This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Medicine Buddha retreat organized by the Buddha Bedurya Center in Milan and led by Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya. This milestone retreat was attended by men and women of varying backgrounds, most but not all being past or present students of Tibetan Medicine, and included a number of western trained healthcare practitioners. In the limited free time available, a few of these healthcare practitioners shared their personal experiences and views on Tibetan Medicine.

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    Tibetan Medicine in the West

    The Gyudshi transmission I

    In Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, the oral transmission (lung) is regarded as the soul of the tradition. It is a sound or voice energy continuity that bears the power and energy of the masters lineage. Therefore it connects a student to a precious root teaching that has been transmitted across the centuries through unbroken masters lineages.

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    Tibetan Medicine in the West

    The Gyudshi transmission II

    On the 2nd and 3rd of July 2011, the first part of the Gyud-shi lung transmission was given in Milan, Italy, by Dr. Pasang Y. Arya. A big thank you to one of the participants, Dr. Raul Romero, for his testimony. When I first heard of a rGyud bZhi Lung Oral Transmission I became fascinated and suddenly knew that my presence was mandatory...