The Tibetan Medicine

What is Tibetan Medicine ?

Tibetan Medicine (Sowa Rigpa) is a very ancient medical system based on Buddhist philosophy and psychology. It explains that everything existing or non-existing in the world derives from the mind and the five elements. The mind is considered to be the base because all existences and moments depend on its movements; it is the creator of every external and internal phenomena.




what is tibetan medicine ? a man with chakras and elements floating around him

The mind and the five elements manifest themselves in the form of energy and gross materials into three aspects: body, energy and mind, which, in the human body, are reflected in the form of three humors or energies called Wind (tib: rLung), Bile (mKhrispa, pronunciation: Tripa) and Phlegm (Badken). These humors, or principles, are the quintessence of the energy that constantly flows in the human body and sustains the health with mental awareness. The three principles give positive health when they are in equilibrium and harmony, and bring ill health when the balance between them is lost. This is the central concept of the general theory, etiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment of the body/mind in Tibetan Medicine. In short, it is through the gradation of the energy of mind, humors and physical constructions that the framework of the theory and practice of Tibetan Medicine is established.

Hundreds of physicians have researched, worked and written numerous commentaries on the main text Gyud-shi (‘Four Tantras‘), practice, Materia Medica, clinical experiences including History of Tibetan Medicine and have left this art for the next generations.

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