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Tibetan Massage

Every Medical culture has different methods to solve the human health problems, so does the Tibetan Medicine have many different methods described and practiced for centuries. Among them, Massage (ku-nye (bsku mnye) and phur-nye (‘phur mnye)) is one of the very practical and effective methods to restore the energy and keep the humors in balance. Especially it is an effective method for rlung/wind disorder or psychological originated disorders.

Massage is popularly used in Tibet by medical professionals and local people in the urban and remote areas. Good and proper massage technique helps many physical and psychological problems whether they are caused by humoral disturbances or daily stressful works.

Tibetan ‘phur nye massage

‘phur nye means rubbing the body and making massage. It basically refers to dry massage or with essential oils according to the patients necessity. ‘phur nye can help re-equilibrate the body and energy flow, relax the mind and release the mental stress and tension, relax the neck and head, muscles, joint, vertebras, intestines, improve the poor digestion, bad sleeping, post menopause syndrome, Wind disorder and other complaints. Especially this method revitalizes the energy circulation of the blood and Wind that makes the energies flow well in the body.

Tibetan ku nye massage

The traditional Tibetan ku nye massage (bsku mnye) has two distinctive characters: ku (bsku) means applying oils on the body and nye (mnye) massaging the body. This work is also called jugpa (byugs pa) therapy.

Basically, ku nye has the same indications as ‘phur nye . But the different oils used in ku nye especially help control the imbalance of the humors and have more potential to curative works.

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