Materia Medica

Materia Medica

materia medica in tibetan medicine

Tibetans have enjoyed thousands of years of experience with their rich herbs and minerals. The ancient ‘medicine man‘ and the later physicians discovered a great number of herbs and minerals and the way to use them for healing. In this high and blessed land, famous for its legends and mystic cures, Tibetan plants possess strong tastes and high potencies that are naturally powerful against diseases. Spiritual healing and love and compassion of the Buddhist and medical ritual practices, are also believed to cure the body, mind and speech disequilibrium at more subtle levels.

The Tibetan Materia Medica, through its own tradition and method, has developed particular pharmacy works, like specially the multi compounding characteristic and tradition, which is a special feature that greatly differenciates it from the other Asian medical systems. Tibetan Physicians further developed special products to sustain the body energy and even slow down the aging process. They use as much gold and diamond as ordinary stones, and saffron and camphor as ordinary herbs, wood medicine or other components.

In short:
Master Gampopa in quoting the words of Master Nagarjunacarya, said:

“The life saving nectar grows in the mountains
But only, if you correctly identify the herbs and plants
with the proper knowledge in accordance to the master.”

If you want to know more about:
– Introduction to Tibetan Materia Medica
– Concept of the medicine
– Legends and origin of poisons and medicine
– Theory of the elements, tastes and healing powers
– The preparation of the medicine

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