Tibetan Yoga

Tibetan Yoga


Tibetan tantric Yoga and Luejong

The Tibetan tantric yoga, laid down by the tantric tradition of master Pundit Naropa and Lama Marpa Lotsawa, is a practice that has been done by Indian and Tibetan yogis for centuries. It is not like the normal yoga practiced in the West. It is a practice of rLung (psychic wind), joined with mental exercise and visualization of the channels and chakras, and it is based on spiritual and mental development. Through physical positions and movements, the yoga exercises remove the negative energies from the channels and chakras, harmonize the subtle wind and release the inner stress and tension. The yoga technique basically helps stimulate channels and chakras, tames the mind and gives spiritual experience.
To achieve profound realization and enlightenment, one should become a full practitioner of the Naropa’s six dharma or yoga practices, through the realization method of Lama Marpa, a life-long exercise practice, joined with the proper motivation, spiritual discipline, and correct view, which can lead oneself to the pure state of awakened Buddhahood.

Luejong part-1: main yogic exercises

The yogic exercise is called Luejong and is the preliminary condition to get to the Lama Marpa’s teaching and practice. To become a qualified yogi, one must train their body/mind, elasticize the body and channels, and restore the rLung and energetic flows by performing some physical exercise with proper and sincere motivation.
Generally there are six basic physical exercises and 39 secondary exercises practiced to restore the energy function of the general wind and the five principal wind functions in the four chakras.

The benefit of the yoga practice is to:

  • Prolong life
  • Clean the channels and chakras
  • Prevent various physical and energetic disorders
  • Cure the different physical disorders with individual exercises
  • Increase the awareness
  • Improve memory
  • Give spiritual experience

Tummo yoga: part-2
This yoga is not described here in detail as interested people must obtain initiation, instruction, and go to a long retreat.

Yoga of the elements

The Yoga element meditation is a special yogic practice used to purify, re-balance and recharge our basic five elements with the primordial elements of our body/mind. It introduces the method of uniting the self to the deep nature of the phenomena, or sky and earth, through a profound contemplative meditation.
The practitionners, verbally guided by an instructor, heal themselves through the successive elements of visualization. They first visualize the primordial space and later the other elements and their colors, one by one. This practice purifies and restores one’s own body, organs, channels, consciousness, subtle wind energies, as well as the subtle and gross body energies.
The element yoga is a part of the Tibetan Yoga practice.

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