Tsalung Practice

Tsalung Self-Healing

(6-week online course)

A practice for self-healing especially prepared from the concealed traditional Tibetan Buddhist tantric yogic Tsalung Maning hadön practice.


This special online course, especially designed for Tsalung and Tibetan Medicine students, does not focus on the treatment of patients. Under the guidance of Dr. Pasang Y. Arya, it is instead a precious opportunity for these students to experiment and gain personal inner experiences, to reach a deeper understanding of the self, and to better assimilate some of the Tsalung self-healing practices in order to develop their healing abilities.

This course is restricted to TME’s Tsalung and Tibetan Medicine students and advanced students

Next course start : 2023

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  • Tsalung Practice

    Tsalung Self-Healing

    Under the guidance of Pr. Pasang Y. Arya, this special course focuses on gaining personal inner experiences in order to achieve good Tsalung healing later with patients.

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Course Content

The course focuses on three important practical instructions:

  • Opening the healing gate: ‘accepting and forgiving’ practice.
  • Releasing tension and removing traumas by yogic methods.
  • Restoring dhang, la and stabilizing the mind.
Detailed program :

– Preliminary
– Who needs this Tsalung Maning hadön self-healing practice?
– Tsalung auto-diagnosis

A) Opening the gate of healing
– Open the lid and let the smoke go away


B) Releasing tension and removing traumas by Maning hadön methods
– Opening the upper skylight window channel
– Churning the ocean of lower wind
– Expelling the middle chronic blockage by churdhon method
– Sign of Maning hadön healing reactions


C) Restoring dang and la, and stabilizing the mind
– Restoring dang
La healing

Joy, happiness and feeling liberation


This course is restricted to TME’s Tsalung and Tibetan Medicine students and advanced students

Teaching methods

The course starts with a live session where Dr. Pasang will give an introduction to the course and the first instructions. Then, once a week for a period of 6 weeks Dr. Pasang will give step by step instructions and advice. Each practice is then trained for a week (a minimum of 30-40 minutes per day should be dedicated to practice). In the middle of the course, there is an online meeting for questions and answers. On the last day, a live online session with Dr Pasang concludes the course.

Examination and certification

The aim of this course is to experiment and gain personal inner experiences.

There is no exam or certification.




Next course in 2023
Details will be given at the registration opening.

Registration not open

Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions
Tsalung Self-healing practice course

By completing the application forms or an online transaction, you are confirming that you accept the following terms and conditions:
TME – Tibetan Medicine Education center website, courses and e-mail
All parts of the websites, both public and teaching areas (tibetanmedicine-edu.org, tmecourses.org or zoom) including course content, documents, lessons, works, and correspondence, are the intellectual property of TME – Tibetan Medicine Education center and cannot be copied, duplicated, forwarded, or conveyed to anyone else, even in another language, without the original author’s permission. No attempt should be made to copy or distribute either images or other content in any way.

All online courses require users to have an active email account for course communication purposes.
Users need to advise TME of any changes to their personal contact details whilst completing their course.
Students enrolled with TME – Tibetan Medicine Education center are issued with an internet log in and secure password in order to access the direct teaching session. Students must not disclose this password to any third party.

TME – Tibetan Medicine Education center reserves the right to modify the content of the website on a regular basis in order to ensure that it is current and as relevant as possible.

It is strongly recommended that students protect their own computer system with appropriate anti-virus software. TME – Tibetan Medicine Education center cannot be held responsible for any virus transferred via email or otherwise, hacking and other types of computer misuse.

Payment is made at the time of registration. The registration becomes valid upon receipt of the payment.

Ability to participate

Participants take part in TME activities fully responsible of their behavior and must notify TME-Tibetan Medicine Education center of any relevant physical and/or psychological impairments before the course. If necessary, participants must consult a physician or psychotherapist. TME-Tibetan Medicine Education center reserves the right to exclude participants who do not fulfill the physical and/or psychological requirements from participating in a course.
In order to maintain an appropriate learning environment, students having an inappropriate, disruptive, or offensive behavior may be excluded from courses or workshops. In case of exclusion, any additional costs will be borne by the participants and the amount already paid will not be refunded.
The content of the course is not a substitute for professional care or treatment. If students have or suspect that they have a physical, psychological or medical problem they should consult their appropriate healthcare professional without delay. They should never disregard or delay seeking professional advice, or discontinue treatment due to information provided during the course, online forum or TME website. The course teacher, mentor and producers assume no responsibility or liability for their actions. Also the practices taught during the course are restricted to the participants of the course as they required instructions to be practiced.

Minimum number of participants
In the case where the minimum number of 15 students required to start the Tsalung self-healing practice course has not been reached, TME shall inform the enrollee/participant at least 1 week before the date of the course, and students may have to wait for next dates.
The enrollee/participant shall not be entitled to make any claims for having been inconvenienced or for any other damage.

Prior to the start of the course: withdrawals from the course are accepted until one week before the course’s start without any charge aside from an administrative fee of CHF 60.-. Withdrawals must be communicated in writing. There will be no reimbursement for later cancellation.
In the unlikely event that TME has to cancel the course, the full pre-payment for the canceled parts of the course will be refunded. There will be no claim for other compensation.

This course is a practice course. It does not give access to a certification.

Applicable law, jurisdiction
Swiss law exclusively shall be applicable to the present contract. Neuchâtel, Switzerland is stipulated as the place of jurisdiction.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at TME@tibetanmedicine-edu.org

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