Tsalung Practice

Tsalung Self-Healing

(6-week online course)

A practice for self-healing especially prepared from the concealed traditional Tibetan Buddhist tantric yogic Tsalung Maning hadön practice.


The aim of this course is to learn how to take care of oneself and to recognize and manage one’s own traumas or imbalances, through specific Tsalung practices.

New or chronic emotional trauma due to overstress, fear, shock, loss of dear and near, etc. may disperse the mind and disturb the emotions. These traumas lead to the la (bla) separation, and to loss of concentration and self-confidence, panic attacks, etc. Functions of the heart and Ascending wind become disturbed and the lung control is lost, provoking rhythm dysfunctions of the diaphragm and esophageal muscles. This creates an improper airflow, brings breathing disharmony, and shows psychological and emotional symptoms.

These symptoms are called nying lung (snying rlung) in Tibetan – heart wind, and gyengyü lung (gyen rgyu’I rlung) – Ascending wind disorders. Both create psychological and emotional lung disorder symptoms such as breathing trouble, bad dreams, vertigo, sounds in ear(s), unhappiness, mood changes, fear, anxiety, trembling, vertigo, declining memory, etc. as well as physical symptoms such as pain in chest, heart, upper back, shoulder, blocked throat, swallowing difficulties, gas formation, etc.

Over a six-week period, Dr Pasang Arya will teach the participants how to restore the wind’s harmonious flow within themselves.
This course was originally designed for Tsalung and Tibetan Medicine students only, as a complement to their practice, but it is now open to all.
(It does not contain teachings on the patient diagnosis and treatments taught in Tsalung healing practice workshops.)

Course dates:
April 13 – May 26, 2024

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  • Tsalung Practice

    Tsalung Self-Healing

    This course, under the guidance of Dr. Pasang Y. Arya, is a precious opportunity to experiment and gain personal inner experiences, to reach a deeper understanding of the self and learn how to heal some of one’s own traumas.


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