Tsalung Practice

Tsalung Healing Practice

(Tsalung residential workshops )

three chakras 2Tsalung Trülkhor therapy (rtsa rlung gi bcos thabs) is a method for healing body-mind disorders that is not based on material medicines. It is derived from Tibetan Buddhist tantric practice; a precious yogic practice which is also called geksel trülkhor (bgegs bsal ’khrul ’khor): “magical obstacle-clearing techniques.” In particular, these techniques are used to remove wind energy or “lung” (rlung) blockages, which may arise during intensive spiritual practice and cause mental and physical imbalance when left untreated. Throughout the centuries, this therapeutic knowledge has been one of the well-kept secrets of yogis and meditators, with very limited information available to the rest of the world.

Based on decades of study and experience, Prof. Pasang Yonten has skillfully adapted a number of these centuries-old tsalung practices for use in contemporary therapeutic environments. This “practical tsalung healing therapy” uses one’s meditative concentration and compassion to generate positive lung. Through diligent practice, students can improve their ability to create and transfer this energy through the body channels (rtsa), in order to restore energy imbalances and help it flow better in oneself and in others.

In these residential workshops, Dr Pasang Yonten Arya teaches the students how to diagnose the rlung /Wind energy disorders and treat them by utilizing the spiritual energy flow of Medicine Buddha, tantric meditation, Naropa’s yogic lujong, visualization, breathing, Tsalung healing techniques as well as healing mantras.

Seven classes have benefited from this rare course.
This program is now closed. It is no longer possible to register.

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Students’ comments

During the course of the Tsalung workshop, we gradually attune ourselves to becomes more sensitive towards Tsalung energy, and our minds also settle down and become more subtle. Therefore, while training in Tsalung, and better understanding the effects of rlung on the body and mind, the daily meditation and visualizations also make us more introspective and appreciative of the practice, and very importantly, of how precious this opportunity is that Dr Pasang has given to us, by presenting the teachings systematically and vividly, and which touches us due to his compassion, vast mind and dedication, with which he has vitalised these teachings.

YTFY, Singapore

I see the tsa rLung practice as a spiritual technique to create a strong and powerful body/mind. This practice also involves and increases all the qualities that should develop a health practitioner.

HM, France

This course has filled my heart with joy and enthusiasm. It is a very rare opportunity to connect with a powerful source of healing, for oneself as well as for others.

SV, Switzerland

The Tsalung workshop was a deeply challenging and enriching experience. It asked everything of me all day every day, and I found myself very connected and in harmony with all of the other group members. The workshop has had a noticeable effect on me (enough that several individuals who know me well have observed more strength and clarity), and I am finding that patients in my medical practice seek me out more than ever for spiritual support in addition to physical treatment. While energetic and spiritual healing are not unfamiliar to me, this workshop took me in new directions and gave me a practical daily practice for continuing my own healing and developing the capacity to support others in their healing. I look forward to completing the training over the coming years.


I think the rtsa rlung teachings are a very profound healing system that can help us not only to heal imbalances but also to develop a more subtle way to understand body/mind and reality. The workshop allowed me to connect with a dormant aspect inside myself, like taking care of my own energy and my own way of perceiving life for benefiting others’ health and also my own health.

NC, Argentina

I am grateful for Dr. Pasang´s generosity and compassion in sharing this beautiful and powerful practice with us in the Tsalung workshop. It was one of the most powerful teachings I have received in this life. The programme and the way it was organized was very useful for getting in touch with this amazing healing therapy. Everything helped in order to make it successful: the place we were at, the food, the surrounding areas with wild flowers, mountains, waterfall, pure air and amazing people. I have been practicing what I learned and have been doing it in people and it has been of great benefit to them. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Dr. Pasang for his big heart and Sylvie, for providing this beautiful workshop. If you ever have the opportunity to receive these teachings, go for it!


The Tsalung course is an excellent option for those with a strong understanding of the basics of Tibetan Medicine who want to deepen their ability to heal others through energy work in the Tibetan tantric tradition.


This exceptional workshop has fundamentally changed the way I see and perceive my own body-mind, patients, and the world around me. As a Buddhist, tsalung self-treatment clears away obstacles to liberation. As a practitioner of Sowa Rigpa, tsalung is an energetic therapy which can be used where all other options have failed. As a human being, the tsalung vision allows me to connect to other beings and environments in a more subtle way. To me, tsalung is a rainbow bridge between spirituality and healing. I am immensely grateful to Dr. Pasang Yönten Arya for his generosity and guidance. His deep knowledge and practical experience are highly precious. May tsalung heal all sufferings and disorders of the three realms!

JV, Belgium

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