Tsalung Practice

The Vajra Body

(One year online course)

An online course on the Vajra body, its subtle physiology and its five components!

  • tsa / channels
  • rlung / Wind
  • dröd / temperature
  • thikle / essence drops
  • nampar shepa / consciousness/mind

Through explanations and guided visualizations, meditations, and lung exercises, Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya leads students to a deeper understanding of the relationship between the physical body, the subtle body, and the emotions, as well as of the causal nature of the body-mind and health.


Vajra body” is a term used in Buddhist Vajrayana tantra teachings and applied in two ways. First, it is the transformation of the ordinary foundational human body into the pure state of dorje-lue, “the indestructible vajra body.” Precisely speaking, the name refers to the Buddha’s enlightened body, which has exhausted the perishable body material components and has transmuted them into an indestructible state called Dharma kaya “the Vajra body,” the All-victorious one.

The second meaning refers to the practice of tantric practitioners who visualize and generate their body into the divine “development stage” body, also called Vajra body. In other words, it is a higher state of the body.

Teachings on the Vajra body are very rare as they are generally only given in the context of Buddhist training requiring commitments and a master-disciple relationship. The purpose of our teaching program is different. It is the study of the Tibetan medical and Tantric concepts on the physiological functions of the ordinary human’s gross and subtle energy bodies. As it is not a Buddhist training for spiritual transformation, it is not bounded by tantric spiritual commitments.

This course is open to all, but it is especially useful for Tibetan medicine and Tsalung healing students. It will give them the opportunity  to study  the ordinary human body and the subtle body at a deeper lever, as well as the lung (rlung)/wind flow, and the mind and emotional functions, according to the traditional concepts of Tibetan Medicine and Vajrayana tantra. It will also explain how the body can become free of diseases by entering the state of Jalue, the rainbow body or vajra body, also called body of light.

This course ended on May 5, 2024. It is no longer available

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  • Tsalung Practice

    The Vajra Body

    A year-long online course on the Tibetan Medicine view on the Vajra body and its subtle physiology. Given by Dr Pasang Yonten Arya, this course combines explanations and guided meditations.


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