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Tibetan herbal formulas

(New online course)

The centuries old Tibetan tradition of medicine making has been passed down to the present day, and there are several thousand medicine formulas contained in the Tibetan medicine pharmacopeia.

Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya is an expert in Tibetan pharmacology and the author of “Dictionary of Materia Medica,” a comprehensive guide to a thorough and accessible study of the art of pharmacology, based on his extensive studies and research. This invaluable resource is published in Tibetan, English and German.

In the art of medicine, a fundamental understanding of the origins of both medicine and poison is a requirement. From the very subtle and developed world of Materia medica and medicinal preparation, Dr. Pasang has prepared this introduction course for his students who already have knowledge in Tibetan Medicine.
Indeed, in the West, despite the interest and needs of students and other Tibetan medicine practitioners, only very few high quality Tibetan Medicine products can be obtained, and only in some countries. This has proved to be a roadblock to the development of Tibetan medicine and prevents the sharing of experiences with interested western doctors and other professionals. Due to the difficulty and restrictions in finding Tibetan medicine in the West, it is indeed precious for them to have in their own hands the way to prepare useful medicine with safe and available ingredients, permitted by western laws. It is then Dr. Pasang Arya’s wish to present some new formulas for simple, complex and chronic diseases.

This course is an introduction to Tibetan Materia Medica and the medicine making science. It is restricted to TME-Tibetan Medicine Education center’s advanced students.

Course dates: September 22 – November 24, 2024
Registration opening: June 24, 2024

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