Tibetan Medicine System

Some Famous Tibetan Doctors

Some Tibetan doctors have particularly marked the recent history of Tibetan medicine. More portraits of famous doctors will follow soon.

  • picture of Prof. Barshee Wangyal

    Some Famous Tibetan Doctors

    Prof. Barshee Wangyal

    Without exaggeration, it was as if the Goddess of Saraswati was dwelling in his heart and blessing his every moment, so he experienced the whole world in a poetry-filled, dream-like state. Therefore, even his intellectual and daily teaching activities were completed in a dream-like state of deep contemplation. His memory was incredibly sharp, strong and powerful.

  • picture of dr Tashi Yangphel

    Some Famous Tibetan Doctors

    Dr Tashi Yangphel

    Dr. Tashi travelled to the USA, Europe, Tibet (TAR), China, to give lectures, conferences, and teachings. He was also involved in various researches with western counterparts in the fields of Tibetan medicine and new emerging sciences. Well respected in Tibet and China, Dr. Tashi was one of the only guardians of rare books still alive, an active member of the scientific Advisory Committee (Ay.) of the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha in India.