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Dying, Bardo and the after death

(2-month online course)

Bardo means “intermediate state”. Generally speaking, this term refers to the intermediate state that takes place after death, between the past life and the next coming life, when the consciousness is separated from the previous body.

The mysterious world of Bardo is an important subject of study of the mind and mental phenomena in Buddhism, especially in Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism. The philosophy and ethics of Tibetan medicine are based on Buddhism and follow its concept of life and death. Bardo teachings are then also an integral part of Tibetan Medicine, Sowa Rigpa, related to birth, health, disease, death, and cause of death. Medicine, astrology and dharma teachings all put emphasis on the study and self-preparation for the dying steps that will come to everyone. In Tibetan society, people then put in practice Kusum lamkhyer (taking three kayas in paths as practice: body, mind, and speech) during their life and study the Tibetan Book of death to prepare for the next coming afterlife.

This course is structured in eight sections based on the stages of elements and consciousness dissolution, the stages of physical and mental changes during the dying process, and how the soul enters the world of Bardo. In four 3-hour online sessions, Dr Pasang Yonten Arya will give explanations, and teach how to meditate on these processes.

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