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4-month online course for individuals who wish to learn how to maintain their own good health according to wellness principles of Tibetan medicine.

Tibetan medicine is a centuries old system of medicine that contains profound insights into the nature of the body-mind and maintaining its elemental balance for optimum health. It can take many years of dedicated study and experience in the field before any claim can be made of grasping the vast scope of Tibetan medicine. Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya, has made Tibetan medicine his life’s work, not only as qualified Tibetan medicine doctor, but also as teacher and respected scholar. In this four month course, Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya displays the rare skill of distilling complex concepts and extensive knowledge into practical information that may be easily understood and applied on a daily basis.

Participants in this course are guided through some of the important fundamentals of Tibetan medicine such as the gross and subtle constituents of the body-mind, the diet and lifestyle behaviors that are suitable for their individual constitutions, the prevention of disorders and ill health, and the promotion of good health into the future. Participants are encouraged to devise a personal roadmap towards good health according to their constitution and other factors, complete with menu planning and goals.

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