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Women’s diseases – Tibetan gynecology

(Six-month online course)

Women’s diseases (Tibetan gynecology), moné (mo nad), is one of the eight branches of Sowa Rigpa. These pathologies are described in detail in the Gyüzhi’s Oral Instruction Tantra. Over the centuries, Tibetan physicians have accumulated a large amount of supplementary materials on gynecological disorders and their treatment, which includes herbal remedies as well as other therapeutic methods. Prof. Arya Pasang Yonten developed this course, which is aimed for advanced medicine students, in five sections. In addition to drawing on traditional texts, this course is based on his life-long personal study and clinical experience.

This course on Women’s disease – Tibetan Gynecology is a part of the Kachupa degree certificate.

This course will take place again in the end of 2023.
Registration opening: November 2023

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    Courses for advanced students

    Women’s diseases – Tibetan gynecology

    Six-month online course on gynecological disorders and their treatment in Tibetan medicine, with online teachings and textbook.

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Course Content

This course contains five sections:

Detailed program :

A general introduction to female physiology

  • Women’s disorders manifesting from wind
  • Women’s disorders manifesting from bile
  • Women’s disorders manifesting from phlegm
  • Women’s disorders manifesting from combined humors
  • Of the vital organs, particularly heart, lung, liver, spleen, and kidneys
  • Of the hollow organs, particularly gallbladder and small intestine
  • Associated with vaginal discharge, the breasts, and the uterus
  • Related complaints: cystitis, hemorrhoids, acne, and menstrual pain
  • Five uterine disorders caused by the humors
  • Two vaginal bacterial (sin) diseases
  • Ten cyst and tumor disorders (tsaptren)
  • Lungtsap types: of the head, bones, heart, kidneys, stomach, small intestine, colon, and uterus and ovaries
  • Associated disorders: insomnia, dry skin and senses, constipation, hysteria, bad digestion, nightmares, sadness, weight gain, anger and nervousness, abnormal sexual desire, hormone substitutes and therapy


This course is restricted to TME and New Yuthok Institute’s students who have completed the Tibetan Medicine course, as well as TME’s 3rd year Tibetan Medicine students.

Teaching methods

The course lasts six months and is based on a textbook and 6 direct teachings (six sessions of 3 hours and 15 minutes = 19.5 hours) with Dr Pasang Y. Arya via video conference.

Examination and certification

At the end of the course, students who wish so can take an exam to receive a course certificate.
This course on Women’s disease – Tibetan Gynecology is a part of the Kachupa degree certificate.



CHF 700.- (+ optional exam: CHF 100.-)


Payment is made at the enrolment.


This course was recently held. For students interested in this course, please fill out the pre-registration form. As soon as a sufficient number of students is reached, we will organize this course again and we will contact you.

Registration not open

Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions Kachupa degree program

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Ability to participate
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In order to maintain an appropriate learning environment, students having an inappropriate, disruptive, or offensive behavior may be excluded from courses or workshops. Tibetan medicine study and practice is not compatible with the use of recreational drugs. People who are used to consuming such substances are not accepted in workshops. Besides, any course participants found intoxicated or under the influence of recreational drugs or alcool will be asked to leave immediately.
In case of exclusion, any additional costs will be borne by the participants and the amount already paid will not be refunded.

Payment is made at the enrolment.
For individual online courses (Advanced pathologies, Tibetan medical psychology and psychiatry): A message of confirmation will be sent to the student after receipt of payment. The student will then have access to the course material for the duration given in the course description.
For workshops: A place is assured after receipt of payment.
On request, it is generally possible to pay the workshop in two separate payments, provided an additional transaction fee of CHF 15.- per installment.

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Workshop cancellation:
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Two months to one month before the start of the workshop, 60% of the workshop fee and room will be reimbursed, as well as the meals.
In the last month before the workshop, 30% of the workshop fee, room and meals will be reimbursed. No refund for later cancellation.
In the unlikely event that TME has to cancel the workshop, the full workshop fee will be refunded.

Minimum number of participants
For the individual online Kachupa degree courses (Advanced pathologies, Tibetan medical psychology and psychiatry): There isn’t any limited number of participants since the courses are given on an individual basis. Once the course goes online, students have access to the material through the login and password received at the time of the registration.

For online courses in groups (Women’s diseases – Tibetan Gynecology): A minimum of 10 students is required.

For the workshops: The minimum number of participants is decided upon the location and the charges involved. Please refer to the detailed information of each workshop.

On-site workshopsVisa and insurance
For students needing a visa to come to the on-site practical workshops in Italy or Switzerland (check at, please note that TME does not provide invitation letter for visa.
The participation to the course is at one’s own risk. It is the student’s responsibility to have the appropriate personal travel insurance such as travel cancellation insurance, health and accident insurance.
Except in cases of negligent behavior of TME – Tibetan Medicine Education center, the liability of property damage and financial loss is limited.
No liability is assumed for any valuables brought to a seminar/course/workshop/retreat by the participant, and theft or loss of objects.

At the end of each course, students who wish it so can take an exam in order to receive a certificate, provided they have passed it. In order to have the full Kachupa degree, students must follow all the courses and take/pass all the examinations.

Tibetan Medicine, like many other complementary medicines, is still not officially recognized in many countries. Students must then be aware that even if this certification attests their high knowledge on Tibetan Medicine subjects, it is not an authorization to practice per se, as legal recognition and licenses depend on the laws of each country.
Thus, the participants who are already medical doctors or who already have an official authorization to practice as naturopath practitioners in their country can receive the TME certificate as an attestation for their additional knowledge on Tibetan medicine and related techniques.
The participants who have not yet graduated in any medical complementary discipline will also receive the same certificate from TME, but in order to have a legal recognition in their country as a health practitioner, they may have to obtain extra certificates depending on their country laws.

Applicable law, jurisdiction
Swiss law exclusively shall be applicable to the present contract. Neuchâtel, Switzerland is stipulated as the place of jurisdiction.

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