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Self-diagnosis in tibetan medicine

The information posted here should be considered as general and not personal medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified doctor in Tibetan Medicine.

What is your constitution?

Knowing and living according to one’s body constitution is very important in Tibetan Medicine because many of the diseases or disorders manifest themselves from constitutional weakness, internal humoral reactions and natural aging process of life. Therefore humoral disturbances or unbalances continue the process of weakening the physical body until what is called pathology or constitutional disorders appear.
To find out your constitution, you should first carefully read the following table with its three columns and think about your life, health and, if you have disorders, what and when the crises manifest more.:
If you want to know more about your constitution or your humoral disturbances, you may use this table in two ways:

1. Constitution

To discover what your constitution is, you need to read well the table below and reflect on your whole life story of health and related profession from childhood till now, and tick the appropriate boxes one by one. At last, you count down the number of ticked boxes. The highest number shows your leading humor and constitution, and the second indicates the secondary humor. If you find a double equal number or result that are very close, that means that you have a combined constitution. When the three result numbers are equal, it means that you have a balanced constitution and a good equilibrium between the humors.

2. Humoral disturbance

Tick on the tables one by one according to the story of your health within three years until now, the leading numbers of the humor will reveal the nature or origin of the disorder.
If you find a double equal number or very close results, that means that two humors cause disorder. When the three numbers are equal, the three humors are involved
General scale of the test

Normal: 0-6 points
Health is normal and is not dominated or disturbed by the humors.

Constitutional disorder: 7-13 points
The situation shows symptoms and more then 7 indicates a constitutional disorder. Health should be restored by diet and behavior, and, if necessary, by medicines and therapy.

Pathological sign: 14-20 points
If the test result is superior to 14, it means that a humor has pathologically increased and also requires a medical treatment.

This chart gives some indication of your constitution. It should not be used for medical purposes unless you are traditionally trained as a Tibetan physician.

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