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Frequently asked questions

How is the course organized?

TM courses A and B (1st year (Basic), 2nd and 3rd year):

  • Students receive written material (downloadable pdf textbooks), as well as commentaries in the form of audio and video teachings. They can then study at their own pace.
  • Once a month (9 times a year), they are invited to attend a scheduled direct online interactive teaching session with Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya, where they will have the possibility to ask questions and receive further teachings and advice on specific chapters.

TM course A

  • A 11-day practical workshop in Europe (10 days of teachings and practical training + 1 day examination) takes place during the 3rd year.


Who is the teacher?
TM courses A and B (1st year (Basic), 2nd and 3rd year):
Audio and video teachings as well as interactive online sessions are given by Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya

Workshop (TM course A)
Most of the lessons of the on-site practical workshop are also given by Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya. Some other experts in Tibetan medicine may also intervene for specific subjects.

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Is the course traditional?

The Tibetan medicine course provides an authentic and reliable knowledge and covers all the main aspects of Tibetan medicine theory, diagnosis and practice in its traditional form. It is based on “the Essentials of Gyud-shi”, a three book treatise written by Prof. Pasang Yonten Arya that expounds the traditional Gyud-shi (the Four medical Tantras), as well as its contemporary practice and interpretation. It presents then the traditional aspects of Tibetan Medicine, but it also comprises contemporary comments and explanations on these texts, as well as the presentation of the present-day development, application and practice of Tibetan Medicine.

When does the course start?
Next start: October 2022.
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Are there any prerequisites for the course?

There is no particular prerequisite to take the Tibetan Medicine online course.
It is of course beneficial for the students to already have notions in the western medicine field or Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and culture but it is not compulsory.
The course is open to all, regardless of social, ethnic or spiritual backgrounds. Being Buddhist is not a prerequisite. However, as Tibetan medicine is based on Buddhist philosophy, students are expected to study its principles with an open mind.

Should I be able to understand Tibetan language to take the course?

No. The course is given in English and knowledge of Tibetan is not compulsory. Yet, of course, any notion of Tibetan language is very beneficial.

Is it possible to only follow the Basic course?

Yes, it is. People wanting to learn Tibetan Medicine to improve their knowledge on the subject, but who are not interested in its practical aspects can follow the Basic level only. At the end of the year, if they wish to continue, they can join the 2nd year of the TM course A or B.

What do the course fees cover?

Options A and B (1st year (Basic), 2nd and 3rd year):
The course fees cover the course texts (downloadable pdf documents), audio and video teachings, and the access to the online sessions for a year (9 interactive online sessions), as well as all registration and examination fees.

TM course A:
The on-site workshop course fee covers the teachings and practice sessions. It does not cover travelling expense, lodging and boarding.

What equipment is needed?

Students need access to a PC or Mac and to the internet.

To read the pdf documents, students need Acrobat Reader installed in their computer. If the software is not already installed, it can be downloaded freely from website.

Audio teachings are on mp3 format. They can be played on a computer or other device that can play the mp3 format.

For the direct online session, they need an internet connection (with a sufficient broadband connexion, approximately 150kbps), and a webcam.


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