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Dictionary of Tibetan Materia Medica
This dictionary may be one of the first books in the history of the Materia Medica of Tibetan Medicine. It is written in traditional Tibetan style in alphabetical order. The book allows to easily find the synonyms and secret names used, for certain reasons, in Tibetan medical formulae and literatures by ancient scholars. It is translated into English with Latin botanical names by Dr. Yonten Gyatso. It also gives brief information about Materia Medica, literature resource and ingredients, classification of the species, identifications, taste, power, post-digestion, and uses. It is an very useful book for Tibetan readers and researchers, easy to search for Latin names in Tibetan alphabetical orders. But this book has a disadvantage for the westerners, as they have to find the terms through Tibetan alphabet. The author wishes to write in the future an easy index for the English western readers.

First edition:

The first edition was published in Tibetan in 1989
 by New Yuthok Institute, Leh Ladakh, India.

(out of print)

dictionary of Tibetan materia medica

Second edition:

It was translated in English by Dr. Yonten Gyatso and published by Motilal Banarsi Dass, India ( in 1998.


tibetan materia medica

Third edition:
It was published by Scherzverlag of München in 2001 
in German and translated by Thomas Dunkenberger.
 The translator added extra traditional synonyms of the ingredients and made an index in German alphabetical order.

tibetan materia medica

History of Tibetan Medicine past and present

This is the author’s favorite and first book written after many years of research in Tibetan Medical history. It has some special works done on Tibetan Bon Medicine, researched in the history of Tibetan Medicine and Greco-Arabian medicine, and traces the steps of the development of Tibetan Medicine in the eastern province of Kham, Amdo, and the western Himalaya of the Indian states. It also covers the development of Tibetan Medicine in Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal and modern western countries. Especially it collects the chronology of prominent Tibetan physicians of the past and gives detailed information of the later part of the historical development from the 17th to the 20th century.

First edition:
Published in Tibetan by the author in 1989 and winner of the prize of “Best academic and cultural book of the year 1989” from Jammu-Kashmir state, India.

(out of print)
It is still not translated yet into other languages.

History of Tibetan Medicine

Common illnesses and their cures in Tibetan Medicine
This is a small practical manual booklet written during the author’s three years work in Leh, Ladakh. It is useful for the beginners in Tibetan Medicine and very useful for the people living in the remote areas where there are no trained Tibetan physicians available. It describes a simple way of diagnosis and treatment for common diseases. The treatments specially show how to treat the common disease by diet, behavior and simple herbal preparations and therapies.
It is currently translated in Italian for the Tibetan Medicine students.

First edition:
In Tibetan and published by the author.

(out of print)

common illnesses

There are other books on different subjects to be published in the near future and numerous articles published in national and international journals and publications.