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Autumn advice

forest in autumn with season advice and autumn advice

Tibetan month: Tonkha 7-8, Western calendar 8-9

Hot and sharp sun energy season

Autumn is the season where food and body qualities become oily and sharp. Not only the external conditions, food and beverages promote bile, but also the body nature becomes of bile quality and gains a hot and sharp energy. Even if the external summer heat strength begins to reduce, sunrays concentrate more like a laser to the earth. Therefore the quality of the seasonal energy becomes similar to bile and fever. In a prevention point of view, the danger of this season is to increase bile that might, if strongly accumulated during the summer by wrong diet and behavior, manifest bile pathologies such as bad digestion, gastric disorders, headaches, nauseas, etc.


As prevention measures, one should eat more sweet like fresh fruits, sugar, soft drinks, rice, bread, pasta (but not fatty sweets like milk and chocolates), bitter and astringent food (bile and wind balancing taste) for example chicory, ruccola, Belgian endives and astringent food such as banana, beans and lentils, artichokes, etc in order to balance the bile and wind humors.


One should drink jasmine tea, light black tea, green tea, fruit juice, mineral water and mountain cold and fresh spring water.

To be avoided: strong alcohols, fatty milk and milky products, meat in excess, sharp and strong spicy food, glutamate, oily and fatty fried food etc.


During these months, one should take baths and use natural perfumes or essence oils produced from white sandal oils, camphor, Dendrobium nobile (Ushir) that are excellent to calm the bile. Sprinkling essence oils on cloths and in rooms may also help balance it. One should wear light cloths and stay in the cool breeze and shadow of a beautiful garden near a water fountain, river, or spring. The pleasant and harmonious atmosphere and the beauties of the autumn season enrich the quality of the nature energy that is assimilated by the body/mind and that rejuvenates the life and harmonizes the humors.