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Tibetan Medical Psychology and Psychiatry

This course is restricted to Advanced students of TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center and New Yuthok Institute, and TME's 3rd year students.


What is a « normal » mind ? What are mental afflictions ? What is a psychiatric disease ? How to understand « possessions » or « evil spirit»?...
Through video lessons, texts and live Question & Answer online sessions, this course gives you a chance to study the Tibetan medicine approach of the Mind and its disease.


Course content

Part 1: Mind and mental functions

1. Introduction
2. The concept of mind and mental functions
3. Mind and general mental instability


Part 2: Tibetan Medical Psychiatry (sems nad, gdon nad)

1. Psychiatrc diseases introduction
2. Evil spirit possession mental disease, symptoms, and treatments (gdon gyi nad)   
3. Madness, symptoms and treatment (smyon pa)
4. Forgetfulness disease, symptoms and treatment (brjed byed)
5. Epileptic disease provoked by Planet spirit Rahula and Mirkhi diseases (gza’ grib kyi nad)
6. Skin disease caused by under ground Naga spirit (klu gdon)
7. Children’s Psychiatry (byis pa’i gdon)
8. Personal experience and opinion


The course lasts six months. During this time, you’ll get individual access to the texts to be studied, to the video lessons, and to the Specialized online session (see below). You can study this material at your own pace.

Specialized online sessions :
Every two months, you can attend an online interactive meeting, gathering students currently following a course of the Kachupa degree program, and ask your questions to Dr Pasang Y. Arya related to your course. These sessions will take place on Saturdays, 7.30 pm-8.30 pm (swiss time). Depending on the number of students participating in the session, the timing may be extended.
Next online sessions :
2020: September 12 / November 21
2021: January 16 / March 27 / June 5

At the end of the course, students who wish so can take an exam to receive a certificate.
This course on Tibetan medical Psychiatry is a part of the Katchupa degree certificate

Terms and conditions

6-month access to the textbook (downloadable), video lessons, Online Specialized sessions, and exams (optional) :
CHF 700.- (swiss francs) (currency converter)

To register, fill in the registration form and send it in. You will then receive the bank information, or a Paypal link to pay via a Paypal account or by credit card. At the reception of the payment, we will send you a personal login and password to access the class material, and the online sessions.
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