Pasang Yonten Arya T. Sherpa’s curriculum


  • Birth in Dolpo, Tibet.


  • Escaped to Nepal during the Cultural Revolution under the Chinese invasion in Tibet.


  • Admitted to formal education at a refugee school of Shabru Bensi, Rasuwa district, Nepal, under the guidance of Master Geshe Gowo Lobsang Tenzin.


  • Joint the Mentseekhang, Dharamsala, India. Studied Tibetan medicine, Tibetan astrology, traditional Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and secular sciences.


  • Graduation in Tibetan medicine and astrology.
  • Specialization in Tibetan Pharmacology for three years.


  • Assistant director in the pharmaceutical department of the Mentseekhang.


  • Participation in the team led by Dr. Tenzin Choedrak, personal physician of H.H. the Dalai Lama, and learning of the traditional Tibetan Pharmacology on mercury purification and precious stones and metal detoxification works for three months in Dharamsala.


  • Lecturer in Tibetan medicine at the Tibetan medical school of Mentseekhang.


  • Principal/director of the medical school of Mentseekhang and professor in Tibetan medicine.
  • Participation in the “Ladakhi Amchi system of medicine conference” organized by Amchi section for the “Save the children fund” of England.


  • Participation in the “National conference on five Buddhist sciences” at Lahul & Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh organized by the Ladakh Buddhist philosophy school.


  • Resignation from the Mentseekhang.
  • Lecturer at the Buddhist philosophy school in Ladakh. Starting of a new section of Tibetan Medicine.
  • Opening of the Yuthok clinic at Choklamsar, Leh Ladakh with Chungla Yonten.


  • Led an important group of over 50 students and senior ladakhi Amchis in a “medicinal herbs study and excursion” held from Kargyil to Zanskar Mountains organized by Amchi Tsewang sManla of the “Save the Children fund Amchi section”.


  • At the Tibetan exile-government’s invitation, visit with the exile-government’s good will delegation (nine members) to Soviet Union and Mongolia. Participation in the Asian Peace conference at Ulanbator, Mongolia.
  • Participation in the “National conference on five Buddhist sciences” at Thekchen Choeling Temple in Dharamsala organized by the Ladakh Buddhist philosophy school. Presentation on “rtsa-rlung” to the assembly of Lamas, Tulkus, Geshes and Monks from Tibetan and Himalayan Buddhist Schools and traditions.
  • Led the first Ladakhi Amchi students “Materia medica study and research tour “ to the down town cities of Amritsar and Delhi.
  • Visit in Canada, and European tour for Tibetan medicine courses and conferences.


  • At the invitation of Lama Gangchen Center, start of Tibetan Medicine teaching in Italy.
  • Resignation from the Ladakh Buddhist philosophy school
  • Invitation from the German Medical Acupuncture society (Daegfa) as a Guest Docent in Tibetan medicine education for German post-graduate medical doctors program of 20 seminars with examination proceeding successfully until now.


  • Start of a three years Tibetan medicine course held in Merigar, Grossetto organized by Shangshung Institute, Italy.
  • Participation in “La Médecine Tibetaine”, Exposion – Seminaire, Maison de Saint-Jean-Cour, Lausanne, Switzerland.


  • Organization of the “East-west seminar” held in Mentseekhang, Dharamsala, India, gathering 40 western people and over one hundred Tibetan physicians


  • Participation in the first international congress on Tibetan medicine organized by Pro-Cultura in Washington USA. Presentations on Rheumatism and Tibetan traditional diagnosis.
  • Resignation from Lama Gangchen center


  • Started again a new life with the preparation of the independent “New Yuthok Institute for Tibetan medicine” Association for the study of Tibetan medicine and related Tibetan sciences.
  • Set up and start of a four-year Tibetan medicine course, courses and seminars on Tibetan medicine, Astrology and Buddhist psychology, as well as conferences, in Italy and Europe.


  • Participation in the “Convegno nazionale “Dono e trasfusione”, contatto, scambio, e dialogo tra civilta d’Oriente e d’occidente” Venezia, Italy, organized by AVIS, Regione del Veneto, Comune di Veneto, Ambasciata Indiana.


  • Participation in the International Congress “Medizin Traditionen in Ost und West“ Graz, Austria. Presentation on “Buddhism and Tibetan medicine”.


  • Participation in the 2nd International Congress on Tibetan Medicine Washington, USA organized by Pro-Cultura. Presentations on Menopause and Tibetan & Bon Medicine.
  • Start of a Three years Tibetan medicine course held in Bad Ragaz Switzerland organized by Ms. Jutta Padrun
  • Started study groups of Tibetan materia medica and leading on herbal excursions in Switzerland, Austria, and Italian Alps.
  • Long time taken initiative for the recognition of Tibetan medicine by Italian government finally recognized as a complementary medicine in Italy and entered in the list of natural medicine.
  • Lecture on “Tibetan medicine” in European parliament Brussels organized by the intergroup of natural complimentary medicine Brussels.


  • Organized congress by New Yuthok Institute on “La medicina Tibetana, Integrazione di un’ antica guarigione nella scienza medica moderna” Roma.
  • Number of special seminars begin to be organized every year on dream, Tibetan Medical psychiatry, Gynecology, Materia Medica, Herbs excursion, Padma products, Astrology and Buddhist psychology.


  • Participation as a key speaker in the Seminar-cum-workshop for education programs, Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Varanasi, India organized by the Central Council for Tibetan Medicine of H.H. the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala India
  • Organization and leading of a seven-day Medicine Buddha retreat for students and practitioners. Teachings on Medicine Buddha, Tibetan tantric yoga and meditation practices. This retreat continues to take place every year.
  • Foundation of “”, a virtual teaching center dedicated to the transmission of Tibetan medicine in the West.
  • Lecture on Aging disease in Tibetan medicine in the “Mianzer Akupunktur-symposium, Gesund aelter werden, Akupunktur im dialog” organized by Daegfa and University Mainz, Germany.


  • Participation in the Tibetan Medicine Congress “Médecine tibétaine & Occident/The West and Tibetan medicine” in Geneva, Switzerland, Organized by the «Conservatoire des Savoirs Médicaux Traditionnels et Populaires». Presentations on Tibetan medicine & Buddhist psychology, and Tibetan traditional Medicine.
  • Seminar «Bridge between Eastern and Western medicine” Netherland organized by Presentation on “Tibetan medicine in Millennium”.


  • Start of the Khahudragzong Yogi house project to renovate yogi caves in Sakya region, Tibet.
  • Tibetan medicine conference held at Turin University. Presentation on “Tibetan medicine and its philosophy”.
  • Participation in the conference “Il cuore dei profughi tibetani” organized by Cardio Lab, Tibetan Delek Hospital, Associazione Italia-Tibet, Ordine dei medici chirurghi e degli odantoiatori della provincia della Rimini. Circolo della stampa Milano, Italy.


  • National Seminar-Cum-Workshop on Tibetan Medicine, Dharamsala, organized by the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine (CCTM) and the Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute (TMAI). Presentations on “Tibetan Moxibustion practice”, “Chronic intestinal disorders” and “rtsa-rlung Thigle” Yoga Buddhist tantra.
  • 15th Anniversary of Tibetan medical education for German doctors celebrated in the “Tibetan medicine Symposium” held in Bad Homburg Germany.
  • 1st “Mindfullness e Ipnosi” workshop on Coscienza e Inconscio in Oriente e in Occidente, Capua, Italy


  • 2nd “Mindfullness e Ipnosi” Workshop, Capua, Italy
  • 1st seminar on “Dream and Bardo” in Napoli, Italy.
  • Lecture on Tibetan medicine in “Le medicine non-convenzionali corso di aggiornamento” organized by servizio formazione e aggiornamento, Napoli, Italy.
  • Lecture on Tibetan Medicine in Hecv-Sante, Haute Ecole Cantonale Vaudoise de la santé, Lausanne Switzerland.
  • Participation in the Astrology Congress “Convegno cieli e terre: armonie tra diversita’ e Unita” Perugia.
  • 10th anniversary of new Yuthok Institute, Organization and participation in the Tibetan Medicine Congress “Spirituality and compassion as cure of the body and mind”, organized by the New Yuthok Institute, Milan.


  • TME launches a three-year online course on Tibetan medicine in order to meet the demand of the interested people, promote, and propagate the Tibetan culture, Medicine and Buddhist psychology and related sciences.