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Tsa-rLung therapy

The Tibetan Tsa-rLung practice, Tsa-rLung-‘khrul’khor-gyi-bcos-thabs, is a yogic tantric tradition of ancient Tibetan and Indian Buddhist masters. More than 2500 years ago, Buddha’s healing hands cured many people in this world and the tradition is still practiced by the Tibetan spiritual lamas and masters. They cure the people by giving love, compassion, spiritual energy, tantric and mantric power. They transfer positive energy through their hands by touch and restore the body/mind unbalances. This practice entirely belongs to the Buddhist teaching and practice.

Concept: The proper flow of the energy through the body channels (Tsa) brings the cause of a good health and prolongs life. It helps to avoid the toxin accumulation in the channels which blocks the channels and heart functions of the body/mind. The Tsa-rLung therapy practitioners learn the art of holistic healing and the deep nature of the human body/mind systems by knowing the structure of the traditional psycho-physical nature and its functions. One who understands the method may become able to regulate these complex systems. Certain subjects are beyond the human knowledge and can only be experienced by meditation and practice.

The Tsa-rLung practice starts with the knowledge on Tsa, ‘channels‘, and how to use the wind power through yogic practice. The concentration, meditation and visualization as well as love and compassion motivation are this tradition's way of practice.

tsa rlung channelsTsa means channels, tubes or passages where the mind and sense consciousnesses, blood, nutrients, and wind energy flow. The wind flows in the channels and transports the blood and consciousness during day and night until the end of life. As the function of the mind depends on the subtle wind, Buddhism calls it ‘vehicle of the mind‘, while Tsa is called ‘root of life‘ because life depends on the energy and blood circulation through the channels.
The channels exist in three energetic groups. Tsa-Uma, ‘wind channel‘, Tsa-Roma, ‘fire channel‘ and Tsa-Kyangma, ‘water channel‘. They are all similar but keep different aspects of energy. Wind, fire and water are the three essential energies that sustain life. The energies dwell and function in the tiny particles of the body as well as in the boundless cosmic body and elements. For example Mount Meru, the central axis of the world is the relative symbol of the human body middle channel.

Channels are the psychic paths
The 72.000 described channels are divided into three main groups. They all originate from the three mental poisons. Each channel functions influences the daily life and its positive and negative emotion states through physical and mental effects.

Cause of blockage of the psychic passage
Blockages of the psychic paths are not only caused by psychological problems. Other strong factors like unwholesome food and behavior and other external factors can cause them. Wrong diet and behavior are actually important physical cause of the positive or negative energies, and micro-vitae or bacteria srin-bu increasing and deceasing strength in the channels. In short, all psychic, energetic and physical disorders manifested from the mind, wind and micro-bacterial aggravation are agents to produce channels blockages that finally manifest through physical symptoms.

The Tsa-rlung therapy
tsa rlung therapy

The function of the Tsa-rlung therapy is to restore the subtle wind and energy flow systems and bring the blocked channels back to normal function. First of all one should diagnose the individual constitution, temperament and energetic disorders by traditional methods.




Tsa-rlung diagnosis
The patient should lay down in bed or sit comfortably on a cushion, and diagnosis is made with three important methods.
•    Diagnosis by intuitive mind.
•    Diagnosis with eyes.
•    Flash light observation.

Some useful techniques from the classical Tibetan Medicine may also be used for the diagnosis.

Tsa-rlung therapy has three important sections according to the energy condition:
•    Tsa-rlung preliminary therapy
•    Basic therapy
•    External and internal energetic therapies



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