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TME’s first workshop on Tibetan Medicine completed with great success!

In September 2012, after two years of online studies, the first batch of Tibetan medicine online course students got the opportunity to meet in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Coming from Argentina, U.S.A. Norway, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Italy, they all gathered for the practical workshop.

Covered by autumn colors, the beautiful landscape of the Abbaye de Fontaine-André, founded in the 12th century - which, as Prof. Pasang Y. Arya noticed, coincides with Younger Yuthok Yonten Gompo’s time – provided the most inspiring and serene setting for such a meeting.

The workshop was lead by Prof. Pasang Y. Arya, and it was purely dedicated to the Tibetan diagnosis practice, especially of pulse reading and urine analysis, and to the Tibetan medicine external therapy works (phyi bcos lag len). During a whole week, from early morning till evening, students received practical teachings and were able to engage in diagnosis and therapy works, and thus put in practice the knowledge they had gained at a distance during the first two years of the online course.

The workshop was held in the traditional retreat form so that the students could have a rare chance to experience a practical instruction (dmar ‘khrid laglen) and learn not only the daily routine life of a Tibetan traditional doctor but also how to integrate the practice of dharma, medicine and Medicine Buddha healing and physical Tantric yoga practices in order to develop their progress in medical science knowledge and the practical healing energy of the body/mind.

Tibetan yoga
Tibetan tantric yoga ‘lus sbyong’

Starting every morning at six o’clock, students and teacher gathered for meditation, Medicine Buddha sadhana and Tibetan Tantric healing yoga ‘lus sbyong’.

Then after breakfast, students trained with patients on diagnosis, especially pulse reading, tongue, eyes, constitution examination and urine analysis, receiving direct instructions and gaining much practical experiences under Prof. Pasang Arya’s guidance.

Pulse reading
Pulse taking - explanations and training with patients

Each afternoon, after demonstrations, they had practical works on Tibetan moxibustion, hor-me therapy and some fomentation therapies. One day was also dedicated to the teaching and practice of Tibetan Ku nye massage, given by Ms Jutta Padrun.

Evenings were dedicated to the sharing of experiences, as well as to personal trainings in view of the second year final exams that would take place on the last day of the workshop. 

During the whole week, students put in all their efforts, and nourished their knowledge in a friendly atmosphere at the side of a very experienced and renowned teacher. They received in their hands the precious practical knowledge of traditional Tibetan therapies that is necessary to develop in order to become a Tibetan medicine Amchi.

Tibetan medicine training
Medical training

On our side, it also has been a rich and wonderful time, full of shared stories in a nice, but also very constructive atmosphere beneficial to all. We were very pleased to receive the students comments on the workshop (see below), and we would like to thank them all for their enthusiasm and involvement in the course, especially their warm heart and friendliness. Studying hard in their home during the year, participating in online sessions despite sometimes unfavorable time zones schedules, and travelling long distances are indeed the sign of dedicated students which gives us strength to continue developing this course.

We are already looking forward to gathering everyone together at the next online sessions and meeting them all again at the next year workshop that will go deeper in professional and practical instructions in the Tibetan medicine and contemporary development.

Sylvie Beguin
TME course coordinator


Students’ comments on the TM course A - workshop 2012

"Even though Dr. Pasang has been a pioneer in offering the entire teachings of the Tibetan Medical system for the Westerners, I'm pleased that he is now offering this training online for the first time. The course provides great material, teachings, and commentary.
Segyu Rinpoche, USA


" There are a lot of experiences that will remain in my mind... the quality and kindness of all the people...the richness of the place...the intensity and richness of the program...the sincerity of heart of the organizer...the wisdom and deep caring of the teacher...and yet every word, every minute and moment, and the interrelation of all is what makes it so..."oooh you have to be there"...
Raul, USA


" Unique opportunity to practice with such an experienced teacher. Very well organized workshop in a beautiful surrounding. Thank You so much!
Stefanie, Germany


"Exceptional workshop, dense, complete, and sympathetic
Alain, France

 Tibetan moxabustion
TIbetan moxabustion


" The moment I drove up the forest road to the Abbey Fontaine-Andre late at night before the start day, I knew this was going to be a great place and time ahead of me. I hugely enjoyed this practice week! ... being in midst of an interesting and kind group of people from all over the world, having a chance to put some of our theoretical knowledge into practice and join up missing links - all of this taking place in a sublime setting: an old and simple Abbey, with a view of the changing colours of Lake Neuchatel and sunset and sun rise over the Oberland Alpine range. The morning Yoga, healthy routines and the interesting subject all made me feel so well when I left and for the following week I was brimming with health and happiness, and was full of inspiration, which together enabled me to put some changes of not so helpful habits into practice in my day-to-day life also.
Theresia, Norway


" The workshop was a wonderful opportunity to meet Dr. Pasang who is a great doctor. I learned so much in such little time! It is like all my studies are melting together and will improve in my every day practice!
Thank you so much!
Andrea, Switzerland
horme preparation
Hor-me preparation


" Intensive week with focused study on the practical side of TM which rounds up the Tibetan medicine course. A unique chance and should be institutionalised!
Marilena, Switzerland


" For me the workshop was just amazing. It was intense and we worked hard but I never felt tired or bored. Dr. Pasang is an amazing teacher because he teaches from his own experience and practice and according to our western culture also but keeping the heart of the Tibetan medicine. At the same time it’s awesome to share all day together with the others students, talking and practicing with each other, “breathing” 24 hours in the Tibetan medicine world and it was such a great experience to learn from my partners. All the texts that we learned during these years become more realistic; everything becomes more comprehensible when you are in the presence of the teacher directly. It was a very powerful experience. For me, the workshop has been also an experience of learning about myself and it was like a healing retreat. "
Naila, Argentina


"Fantastic experience. "
Kim, Germany

Urine analysis

" The course of Tibetan medicine is something very unique. One gets like to totally different world - way of thinking, the healing concept of a very long term (uninterrupted) tradition – a method as how to decrease suffering and find happiness for you and others. I really enjoy the study. I would recommend it to anybody. "
Czech Republic


" This intense and in-depth course is not for everyone. It involves extreme dedication and respect for the subject material at hand as it is being passed down in lineage form from Buddha himself through lineage masters and considered sacred in Tibetan Buddhism and medicine. A strong devotion to meditation, yoga and genuine dharma practice is also quite helpful to anyone considering this course. I would highly recommend this course to physiotherapists, massage therapists, allied health personnel, nursing and medical students and physicians who feel a strong connection to Buddha and his life's work as a healer and physician. This course completely reminds me of the path and road that I chose for myself as a healer and Boddhisattva on the path to enlightenment many years ago. It is EXACTLY where I want to be. Dr. Pasang truly embodies the tough and dedicated physician one must be to help increase our altruistic and compassionate mind in this suffering world. For the person who wants to help ease the suffering of other sentient beings through Buddhist medicine and compassion, this course is definitely for you. "
Tino, USA

tibetan message
Tibetan massage ku nye