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Terms & conditions

By completing the application forms or an online transaction you are confirming that you accept the following terms and conditions:

TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center website, courses and e-mail
All parts of the websites, both public and teaching areas (,, or zoom) including course content, documents, lessons, works, and correspondence, are the intellectual property of TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center and cannot be copied, duplicated, forwarded, or conveyed to anyone else without the original author's permission. No attempt should be made to copy or distribute either images or other content in any way.

All online courses require users to have an active email account for course communication purposes.
Users need to advise TME of any changes to their personal contact details whilst completing their course.
Students enrolled with TME - TIbetan Medicine Education center are issued with an internet log in and secure password in order to access the direct teaching session. Students must not disclose this password to any third party.

TME - TIbetan Medicine Education center reserves the right to modify the content of the website on a regular basis in order to ensure that it is current and as relevant as possible.

It is strongly recommended that students protect their own computer system with appropriate anti virus software. TME - TIbetan Medicine Education center cannot be held responsible for any virus transferred via email or otherwise, hacking and other types of computer misuse.

Payment of the year fee must be made in full at least one month before the start of the course.
TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center will consider requests for more flexible arrangements, but reserves the right to decide on such requests on a case by case basis.

Ability to participate

Participants take part in TME activities fully responsible of their behavior and must notify TME-Tibetan Medicine Education center of any physical and/or psychological impairments before the seminar/course/workshop/retreat. If necessary, participants must consult a physician or psychotherapist. TME-Tibetan Medicine Education center reserves the right to exclude participants who do not fulfill the physical and/or psychological requirements from participating in a seminar/course/workshop/retreat.

In order to maintain an appropriate learning environment, students having an inappropriate, disruptive, or offensive behavior may be excluded from courses or workshops. Tibetan medicine study and practice is not compatible with the use of recreational drugs. People who are used to consuming such substances are not accepted in workshops. Besides, any course participants found intoxicated or under the influence of recreational drugs or alcool will be asked to leave immediately.
In case of exclusion, any additional costs will be borne by the participants and the amount already paid will not be refunded.

Minimum number of participants

In the case where the minimum number of 12 students required to start a Tibetan Medicine 3-year course, or of 7 students for an advanced course, seminar or workshop has not been reached, TME shall inform the enrollee/participant at least 3 weeks before the date of the course (2 months before the workshop). If TME is unable to offer the enrollee/participant an alternative course, it shall reimburse the fees paid in advance. When a minimum number of 7 students is not reached in the 2nd or 3rd year, students may have to wait for the next session.
The enrollee/participant shall not be entitled to make any claims for having been inconvenienced or for any other damage.


Prior to the start of the course: withdrawals from a course or a seminar are accepted until 30 days before the course's start without any charge aside from an administrative fee of CHF 60.-. Withdrawals must be communicated in writing. There will be no reimbursement for later cancellation.
After the start of the course: Should the course participant withdraw from the TM course, or not take part in online sessions or exams, he or she shall not be entitled to claim any reimbursement.
In the unlikely event that TME has to cancel a course or a seminar, the full pre-payment for the cancelled sessions will be refunded. There will be no claim for other compensation.


On-site workshops (TM course A)
For students needing a visa to come to the on-site practical workshops in Italy or Switzerland (check at, please note that TME does not provide invitation letter for visa.
The participation to the course is at one’s own risk. It is the student's responsibility to have the appropriate personal travel insurance such as travel cancellation insurance, health and accident insurance.
Except in cases of negligent behavior of TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center, the liability of property damage and financial loss is limited.
No liability is assumed for any valuables brought to a seminar/course/workshop/retreat by the participant, and theft or loss of objects.

Workshop cancellation:
Cancellation until 2 months before the workshop: no cancellation fee aside from an administrative fee: CHF 60.-
Two months to one week before the start of the workshop, 60% of the workshop fee will be reimbursed.
In the last week before the workshop, 30% of the workshop fee will be reimbursed. No refund for later cancellation.
In the unlikely event that TME has to cancel the workshop, the full workshop fee will be refunded.

Covid-19 situation
In addition to the workshop cancellation rules, please take note of the following regulations regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic, which is very unpredictable.
As long as the overall health situation is problematic, or if the Swiss authorities in particular impose limiting restrictions, workshop registration remains valid, but the workshop will be postponed to a later date.
If the overall situation is stable, allowing the workshop to be held, but restrictions prevent students from specific countries or areas from participating, the workshop cancellation rules continue to apply. We therefore strongly recommend that students invest in travel and cancellation insurance.


At the end of the three-year course, students who have successfully passed all the exams will get a certification from TME. This certification attests the three-year study of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and its contemporary practice and interpretation.
Tibetan Medicine, like many other complementary medicines, is still not officially recognized in many countries. Students must then be aware that even if this certification attests their knowledge on Tibetan Medicine, it is not an authorization to practice per se, as legal recognition and licenses depend on the laws of each country.
Thus, the participants who are already medical doctors or who already have an official authorization to practice as naturopath practitioners in their country can receive the TME certificate as an attestation for their additional knowledge on Tibetan medicine and related techniques.
The participants who have not yet graduated in any medical complementary discipline will also receive the same certificate from TME, but in order to have a legal recognition in their country as a health practitioner, they may have to obtain extra certificates depending on their country laws.


Auditor status
At the end of the 1st year, Students who wish to continue the course without taking the exam, have the possibility to switch their Student status into an Auditor status.
Auditors can attend the course the same way as students, with the same access to the material and online sessions, but they don’t take exams and cannot obtain certification. Regarding the workshops, if the number of places available is not sufficient, the priority is given to Students. Besides, Auditors cannot participate in programs for advanced students.

Applicable law, jurisdiction

Swiss law exclusively shall be applicable to the present contract. Neuchâtel, Switzerland is stipulated as the place of jurisdiction.


If you have any further questions,
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