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Payment of the year fee must be made in full at least one month before the start of the course (bank transfer, Paypal account or credit card). TME will consider requests for more flexible arrangements, but reserves the right to decide on such requests on a case by case basis.

The tuition fees cover the written material (chapters of the first volume of  “The essentials of Gyud-shi”), the audio and video teachings, and the access to the online interactive sessions, as well as all registration and examination fees.

Withdrawals from a course are accepted until 30 days before the course's start. The course fee will be reimbursed without any charge aside from an administrative fee of CHF 60.- (see more in Terms and conditions)

The course fee can be paid by credit card (through PayPal), via PayPal, or bank transfer.
On request, the tuition fee may be paid in two installments (information)

At the reception of the registration, we'll send you the necessary information.