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A Summary of the 

“Tsalung Healing Training Workshops” and the threefold workshop on “Tibetan Cleansing, Medicinal Butter Preparation and Chulen Rejuvenation Practice”

held in Jaun, Switzerland in March - June 2019


The spring season of year 2019 was particularly busy with four workshops held in Jaun, in the pure atmosphere and beautiful environment of the Swiss mountains.

Two Tsalung healing therapy practice workshops level 1 took place in March and April. Even though the weather was still chilly with cold fresh air outside, the retreat house was warm and comfortable. During the first workshop, it unexpectedly snowed quite heavily over the entire Jaun Dorf mountain and valley region. The snow covered the valley like a white blanket which cleansed and washed the environment. One beheld a magical and beautiful creation in the morning with sunrays and their reflections in the micro snow crystals - just like a dreamland on earth. The rivers and trees all flaunted and demonstrated their natural beauties. Such a beautiful, clean and peaceful environment was definitely a gift.

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Tsalung Healing Workshops

This year we had two groups of newcomers coming from diverse countries such as Australia, Brazil, U.S.A., Netherland, Denmark, Lithuania, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy, and from various fields of endeavor such as medical doctors, psychologists, pharmacists, physiotherapist, healers, mediums and interested individuals. Despite the long journey and jet lag, all participants showed great enthusiasm and motivation to learn the Medicine Buddha Tsalung healing practice, meditation and tantric Luejong yoga. The newcomers were no doubt naturally a bit anxious and unsure of what to expect.

Dr. Pasang started these special retreats with an introductory speech: “In this retreat you are going to learn two important practices. They are Naropa’s Six Dharmas’ Yoga Luejong and Tsalung healing practices. These practices are inter-connected and the essence of yogis’ secret healing practices. The central figure of the Tsalung healing practice is the Medicine Buddha, the supreme healer in Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, from whom all healing practices come. I learned the Tsalung healing practice in Ladakh and kept it for over the last two decades, using it as a personal practice. However, I believe that the time has arrived to share these yogic healings and therefore, for the sake of good purposes and reasons, I want to open the door to interested students to access this practice, with less tantric spiritual restriction and commitments. However, its fruition solely depends on your dedication, and respect for the practice and programs. Without respect and proper collaboration from your side, this special retreat will not be beneficial to one’s self and others. The one-week workshop is intensive and therefore all participants should be aware that the program is tight and should abide fully in Tsalung and Tsalung healing training. The Tsalung healing energy can only be generated and moved if your practice is performed accordingly. Coincidentally, the weather and environment have also perfectly created supportive conditions for the Tsalung practice and so we shall put our force into achieving the goal of this retreat.

Dr. Pasang emphasized, “All good results in Tsalung depend on one’s full participation in the practice and respect for the training discipline. The result of the body, mind, and speech transformation and developments may be achieved only by starting through body training and discipline. Therefore, the body is the base of all trainings and there is no special technique that can allow one to fly in the sky within a week! However, if you train well, one week of Tsalung healing training and dedication in practice can generate some power that can help and heal one’s body mind Tsalung disorders.

During each workshop, the whole program was personally led by Dr. Pasang Y. Arya. The first session started very early in the morning, way before sunrise, and all participants gathered punctually in the Tsalung practice hall. Dr. Pasang began the teaching with the nine-cycle respiration exercises (rlungro dgu ‘phrugs). The technique is based on Tsalung healing training. After that, it continued with the Medicine Buddha Sadhana including the Tsalung power generation prayer. Every day, the first session of the morning concluded with Tsalung Luejong (body exercises) and Maning Hadhon practice. Dr. Pasang explained to the participants his long-time search for Naropa’s Six Yogas Luejong and especially for the Maning Hadhon practice, which is an extremely important practice in the Tsalung healing technique to stabilize the mind from mental instabilities in daily life. It is the technique used in Tibet by yogis and meditators to heal the chronic mental trauma and restore harmony of the mind. For this practice, one faces towards the clear sky above the mountain with traditional meditation visualization while making a loud sound of HA to eliminate rlungro, or stained and impure rlung (wind), chronic trauma blockage and common mental instability disorders. The practitioner should make a loud sound from the bottom of the abdomen with emotion, so as to remove the impure wind blockage and mental instability problems.

During the second morning sessions, Dr. Pasang Arya taught the theory of the Practical Tsalung healing practice from his 1st book. It includes three main parts:

  • Tsalung healing training
  • Tsalung diagnosis
  • Tsalung healing practice

Every day after lunch, all participants studied the theory and put it into practice step by step in small groups under the guidance of Dr. Pasang Y. Arya. On the 6th day, there was a practical Tsalung healing examination and each participant was required to explain and demonstrate the subjects and practices. On the last morning, Dr. Pasang Arya presented the 1st year Tsalung healing workshop certificates along with white Khadaks and gave a short speech, where he said that the “Practical Tsalung healing therapy” that he carefully designed as a systematic method and training, fully belongs to the general spiritual Tsalung practice. Through this path of practice, one may find a door to enter into the path of a higher state of practice. He also explained that for general people, opportunities to study such teachings are very rare.

The same program was followed by a 2nd group of 1st year Tsalung healing course students, comprising mainly Italians. Most of them had already undertaken several years of Tibetan Medicine and Tsalung studies with Dr. Pasang Y. Arya in Milan.


In June, a season with a high level of energy, a 2nd year Tsalung healing workshop was held for a group of advanced Tibetan Medicine students. Dr. Pasang Y. Arya introduced the main Tsalung Gegsel Trulkhor practice and healing methods, and distributed the 2nd book on Medical Tsalung healing which comprises five sections:

  • General rlung (wind) disorder Gegsel trukhor exercises
  • Five principal rlung (wind) Gegsel trulkhor exercises
  • Five minor rlung (wind) Gegsel trulkhor exercises
  • Ordinary basic Tummo practice
  • Maning Hadhon 2nd level practice

The 2nd level of Tsalung training and practice focuses on therapeutic exercises for the five major and five minor rlung (winds). This is practically the most important and fundamental Tsalung and Tsalung healing training. Tsalung Gegsel techniques can remove blockages in the channels and chakras and heal some major disorders of rlung (wind) originated diseases such as anxiety (snying rlung), mental instability, psychological and emotional disorders and many other rlung (wind) disorders.

On the sixth day, after the Tsalung healing practical examinations, participants received the 2nd year certification and left with Tsalung healing methods in their hands.



A Threefold Workshop on Tibetan Cleansing, Medicinal Butter Preparation and Chulen Rejuvenation Retreat

Just before this Tsalung workshop level 2, Dr. Pasang Y. Arya gave another 7-day extensive workshop, on three of the most important practices in traditional Tibetan medicine’s pharmacy preparations:

  • Tibetan medicine’s body mind cleansing
  • Tibetan medicine’s Menmar: Two different medicinal butter preparations
  • Tibetan medicine’s geriatric practices: Longevity and Chulen rejuvenation practice

For this special threefold workshop, Dr. Pasang Y. Arya wrote a specific manual in English and Tibetan, detailing the necessary practical instructions. This workshop was restricted to Tibetan Medicine advanced students, and Dr. Pasang was assisted by Mrs Elena Guerlone, one of his most senior students.

The first part of the workshop, on body mind cleansing, was organized based on the therapeutic method of treatment. For any kind of treatment, prevention of diseases and especially Chulen/rejuvenation practice, the body mind should be cleansed of toxins and the digestive organs purified. This is done by taking a Tibetan Medicine herbal decoction. The decoction formula has been especially formulated based on non-toxic ingredients by Dr. Pasang Arya after long years of extensive research. All students participated in the preparation of the decoction and experienced the body mind cleansing in the retreat. All felt great and were amazed by the benefits experienced within a short period of time due to the cleansing. [read more]

After the body purification, the 2nd part of the workshop focused on medicinal butter (Menmar in Tibetan) preparation. Menmar making requires a great deal of work such as cooking the ingredients, extracting its most important substances and concentrating the decoction. Honey and molasses should be detoxified and purified, and pure cow's milk and butter should be used to finally obtain medicinal butter. Applying the traditional methods to the process, and taking great care are particularly important. Two different Menmar were prepared in two days, and preserved in bottles for the rejuvenation practice.

Still, to be transformed into Chulen or rejuvenation nectar-like medicine, the medicinal butter needs to be blessed with the Buddha Amitayus rite and ritual. All bottles were displayed on the altar in front of the Medicine Buddha and Buddha Amitayus. The Chulen rejuvenation meditation practice and rites and rituals of Buddha Amitayus were performed over the next two days. Each participant recited a minimum of ten thousand Buddha Amitayus’ longevity mantra with additional Medicine Buddha Sadhana practice and mantra recitations. After the Chulen rejuvenation rite and rituals have been performed traditionally, the medicinal butter becomes like a nectar that rejuvenates and prolongs life. All the bottles were divided amongst the participants. The next day, certificates were delivered with a small celebration. 

All the workshops were very intensive but participants showed a great interest for these precious teachings and fully engaged in these special practices. They enjoyed the warm atmosphere, as well as the healthy food prepared by Mrs Ledi Elia, a Tsalung healing student and advanced student of Tibetan medicine. After each workshop, it was difficult for participants to quit the magnificent mountains and the teaching atmosphere, as well as their fellow students. We already look forward to meeting everyone again in Jaun next year, as well as the students of the new Tsalung healing course starting in 2020.


Following the June workshops, the 15th Medicine Buddha retreat, led by Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya started at the same place with a group of trained practitioners, and ended with a Jinsek ritual, or fire puja. This completed the year 2019 workshops and retreats.

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