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Milano, 01.01.07

Dear friends
I am very happy to launch this online newsletter with the beginning of this new year, as it also gives me the opportunity to wish you a very happy 2007. May this year bring you the best health, and prosperity!

I warmly welcome all the readers. Through this newsletter, may more information on Tibetan Medicine and the related healing techniques reach many people around the world. My wish is that all the interested people from the various fields of education, health, medicine, psychology and spiritual healing feel free to participate in sharing this common interest and in that way help to develop in a higher quality for the general and individual interest.

I come from far away, physically and mentally, and despite many difficulties, I have spent my life to live better on this earth through the Buddha’s spiritual value of simple life and contentment. But from the beginning, I’ve always shown a real interest for this science. I’ve learned and collected varied knowledge from many masters in the traditional Tibetan science and education fields, enriched by the traditional Medicine Buddha Practice for the body/mind. This has given me a powerful energy and a strong wish for dedication work and sharing my knowledge. This dream has become real, as so many visitors throughout the world have stopped by our website, and sent us compliments.

Many people, including my students, have given a sincere and genuine support to our work, and specially the website team workers who have dedicated their time to this project; some people have also donated books for the library project. I value all your practical and moral support.

I do believe that Tibetan Sowa Rigpa, the ‘Tibetan art of healing‘, belongs to the Tibetan people; however, since it is an important science of life, it also equally belongs to the world human knowledge. This very precious ancient science has preserved a complete system of body/mind healing, which can contribute to the health of mankind. It is then the responsibility of all of us to protect and save this priceless knowledge from the danger of being lost. Therefore people of the world should have the possibility to discover this valuable science, and preserve and develop it for the next generations.

It is our wish to continue, in the coming years, to develop this free web site project, its newsletter as well as other related projects. The task is vast and time is limited, thank you for supporting us.

Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya T. Sherpa
Director of New Yuthok Institute for Tibetan Medicine, Italy

Former professor and principal of the “Mentseekhang” (Tibetan Medical College) of Dharamsala, India.