Tibetan Medicine Education center

Kachupa degree Program

program for advanced students

We are very pleased to announce a completely new program specially designed for the advanced students of TME-Tibetan Medicine Education center and the New Yuthok Institute.


The Kachupa Degree Program

* Advanced Pathologies (launched in April 2018)
* Tibetan Medical Psychiatry (launched in April 2018)
* Cleansing and Chulen preparation retreat (workshop)
* Medical Astrology
* Gynecology
* Pharmacology and pharmacology works

General information on the courses
Addressed to advanced students, these new courses are given through online teachings and/or onsite workshops.

Online courses
Once registered, advanced students have access for several months to the study material, videos, and live interactive sessions every two months with Dr Pasang Arya on specialized questions-answers.
Advanced students can register anytime and follow either all or some of the courses/modules according to their needs and preferences.

Workshops take place in Switzerland or Italy

Kachupa degree (Tibetan doctor)
If they wish so, advanced students can take an exam at the end of each course/workshop they follow and have a certificate on that course.
To receive the Kachupa Degree certificate, students have to take and pass all the exams of the program.


Terms & conditions