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New Tibetan Medicine advanced courses

Many students have been requesting advanced courses for some time now. We thank them for their patience!
Through the experience gained from conducting several online courses, we have learnt and improved systems for developing content and online delivery. It is then with the greatest of pleasure, that we announce the start of online advanced courses for students who have already successfully completed our 3-year Tibetan Medicine course or the 4-year course of the New Yuthok Institute of Milan.


An advanced course is presented in one or more modules that include/s:
- A new learning environment:
- Course textbook/s
- Teaching video/s to be watched online at any time
- Scheduled online interactive meeting/s with Dr. Pasang Y. Arya for questions and answers
- An online forum for student interaction

This first new course are presented in 3 modules:
1. Head, sense organs and skin disorders
2. Common complaints
3. Fever and infectious diseases

Each module lasts several weeks.
- At the beginning of each module, students receive the basic text to be studied
- In the weeks following students will receive links to watch video lessons
- There will be a scheduled online interactive two-hour meeting at the middle and at the end of each module, for questions and answers.
- For the duration of the course (3 modules), an online forum will be available for students to study together, interact, and share ideas.

Detailed curriculum
Module 1: Head, sense organs and skin disorders
- Head complaints and headaches
- Eye disorders
- Ear disorders
- Nose disorders
- Mouth, tongue and teeth disorders
- Skin disorders


Module 2: Common complaints
- Diarrhea
- Constipation
- Hemorrhoids and fistula
- Intestinal and parasitic worms
- Cystitis
- Yama (sinusitis)
- Allergies and food intolerances
- Menstrual pain
- Varicose veins, eczema and swelling leg
- Burning feet
- Insomnia and sleeping disorders
- Anxiety and restlessness
- Depression
- Gout
- Rheumatism and arthritis
- Arthritis-psoriasis
- Neurological disorders


Module 3: Fever and infectious fever diseases
- General and unripen fever
- High fever
- Empty fever
- Hidden fever
- Chronic fever
- Turbid fever
- Infectious fever diseases
- General Balned rim tsad (bal nad rims tshad) disease
- Various Champas (cold and flu)
- Stomach and intestine flu