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Current legal status of Tibetan Medicine in the West

As Tibetan Medicine is gradually gaining respect and support in Eastern Europe, it is, in the Western countries, a form of medicine raising curiosity and thus not legally accepted as no one has ever worked on the issue of its recognition so far. However, the New Yuthok Institute for Tibetan Medicine in Milan has made an appeal at the Italian Parliament in order to have Tibetan Medicine recognized at the same level as other natural medicines.

Dr. Pasang Yonten Arya (Tendi Sherpa) also spoke in the European Parliament, Strasbourg, in 2003, and urged the natural medicine section to preserve and widely recognize Tibetan Medicine in Europe (picture below).

european parliament

Basically, Tibetan Medicine depends on the different laws set up in the European countries and on the interest shown by the people. Today, Tibetan Medicine is going through transitory times. It is therefore important for Tibetan Medicine practitioners living in the West to be aware of the European laws and to keep up with the idea of introducing Western standards of Tibetan Medicine in the region.