Main Tibetan Course

Tibetan Medicine Course (Option B)

(3-year distance learning course)

A rare opportunity to study traditional Tibetan Medicine with a prominent senior Tibetan doctor

This option is suitable for those interested in Tibetan medicine to improve their theoretical knowledge in the holistic concept of the body-mind, or for their own health benefit. The content of the course is basically the same as in option A, but students don’t participate in the on-site workshops in Europe. Consequently, some very practical topics (especially the external therapies taught during the 2nd year) are only introduced for general knowledge.

There are no specific prerequisites to follow the Tibetan Medicine course but, due to the detailed and deep topics studied, it is demanding. Students are then expected to study the material in depth between the online sessions.
This program, begun in 2010, is now fully closed, and it is no longer possible to register.
It will end in 2025 with the completion of the 3rd year of the 11th batch of students (last group).

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