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Women's disease - Tibetan Gynecology

This course is restricted to Advanced students of TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center and New Yuthok Institute, and TME's 3rd year students.


Tibetan gynecology






Women’s diseases, moné (mo nad), is one of the eight branches of Sowa Rigpa. These pathologies are described in detail in the Gyüzhi’s Oral Instruction Tantra. Over the centuries, Tibetan physicians have accumulated a large amount of supplementary materials on gynecological disorders and their treatment, which includes herbal remedies as well as other therapeutic methods. Prof. Arya Pasang Yonten developed this course, which is aimed for advanced medicine students, in five sections. In addition to drawing on traditional texts, this course is based on his life-long personal study and clinical experience.


The curriculum:

  1. Introduction to female physiology

  2. General gynecology
    1.  Women’s disorders manifesting from wind
    2. Women’s disorders manifesting from bile
    3. Women’s disorders manifesting from phlegm
    4. Women’s disorders manifesting from combined humors

  3. Fertile stage disorders (traktsap)
    1. Of the vital organs, particularly heart, lung, liver, spleen, and kidneys
    2. Of the hollow organs, particularly gallbladder and small intestine
    3. Associated with vaginal discharge, the breasts, and the uterus
    4. Related complaints: cystitis, hemorrhoids, acne, and menstrual pain

  4. Entering the menopause (bargel gyi tsapné)
    1. Five uterine disorders caused by the humors
    2. Two vaginal bacterial (sin) diseases
    3. Ten cyst and tumor disorders (tsaptren)

  5. Menopausal disorders (lungtsap)
    1. Lungtsap types: of the head, bones, heart, kidneys, stomach, small intestine, colon, and uterus and ovaries
    2. Associated disorders: insomnia, dry skin and senses, constipation, hysteria, bad digestion, nightmares, sadness, weight gain, anger and nervousness, abnormal sexual desire, hormone substitutes and therapy



The course lasts six months and is based on a textbook and 6 direct teachings (six sessions of 3 hours and 15 minutes = 19.5 hours) with Dr Pasang Y.  Arya via video conference.

At the end of the course, students who wish so can take an exam to receive a certificate.
This course on Women's disease / Tibetan Gynecology is a part of the Kachupa degree certificate

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This course was held in 2021.
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